So there’s a baby on the way and soon it will be time to celebrate! Family and friends are over the moon, but choosing a gift for a new mum and her baby can be tricky, especially if we don’t have children ourselves. The first rule to bear in mind is to ensure your gift will be useful. Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic. To help you out, we’ve lined up 10 of the best gift ideas for first-time mums.


1. Baby bag, wash bag, changer and dummy

When you’ve got a baby in tow, it’s unthinkable to leave the house without a baby bag full of essentials such as wipes, creams and nappies. New mums love new bags, and if you like, you can add a washbag, changer or set of dummies to match, or in another colour or pattern. And that’s not all! All these products are locally produced and made from 100% organic cotton.


2. Breastfeeding pillow

As well as highly practical, a nursing pillow is extremely versatile as it can be used during and after pregnancy and has multiple functions because it transforms into so many different shapes and positions. During pregnancy it moulds perfectly to the body and helps pregnant mums to relax and sleep more comfortably. Once baby is born, its ergonomic shape provides greater comfort for use during breastfeeding and helps avoid muscular pain from bad postures. It is also perfect for use after feeding to keep the baby propped up to help digestion. Depending on their age, the baby can sit upright or reclined in the pillow. As babies grow, it can be arranged in a donut shape to support them.


3. Bibs, bandanas, muslin cloths and towels

Clothes and accessories are always popular with new mums. Our sets of bibs, bandanas, muslin cloths and towels are not only trendy accessories but will pamper your baby’s delicate skin – they’re made from 100% organic cotton to be especially soft to the touch. They are also designed to go with everything.


4. Cot bumper pad

Safety will be a high priority for a first-time mum so this could be a winner. A bumper pad is flexible enough to be used for a cot or a bed to keep baby safe and snug all night. Made from 100% organic cotton, it is available in a range of different designs to match the bedroom.


5. Cot organiser pockets

These cot organiser pockets will keep baby’s favourite items such dummies and teddies close to hand. This simple design combines perfectly with any style of interior, and being made from 100% organic cotton, it’s also planet-friendly.


6. Rocking chair

Give her a rocking chair and she’ll wonder how she ever managed without it. Perfect during pregnancy and afterwards, it’ll provide endless relaxation and is wonderful for parents feeding their new baby. All the different designs in our range are divine.


7. Moses basket

Our Moses baskets come in irresistible designs. Made from natural and sustainable materials, careful thought has gone into every detail to give your baby a safe and peaceful place to sleep, as well as a touch of style for any room in your home.


8. Décor for baby’s bedroom

If you’re stuck for ideas because they already have it all, decorative homewares are a great option. Cushions, sheets, rugs, lamps, wall tapestries... There’s an accessory to suit every taste.


9. Baby gym

Why not give them a whole play area? It’s easier than it sounds. All you’ll need is our baby gym, which is ideal for developing baby’s skills in the early months. Add a set of four Giola hanging toys which will help baby learn through play.


10. Cot

If your budget stretches far enough or several people are chipping in, a convertible cot is every parent’s dream. The Maralis convertible cot will last from the first days through to toddlerhood, as it grows with the baby through different stages, finally turning into an infant-sized bed. Brilliant, isn’t it?

For even more ideas, head over here and check out our full Kave Kids collection. You’ll never be stuck for gift ideas again!

April 15, 2021, 10 a.m.