A pretty coffee table is a matter of keeping it tidy and stylish. The secret is to choose the right bits and pieces for this area, so these accessories will help you achieve a coffee table that could be straight out of a magazine.

1. A natural-style tray for the living room

The Kaili tray is life-changing. It’s a multi-functional piece you can use to decorate your coffee table or put in your hallway and never lose your keys again. Our recommendation: pop a candle on the tray to give your coffee table that wonderfully relaxing feel.

2. A chic tray for your living room

The natural look of the Colomba tray, made from woven water hyacinth, will add a touch of contemporary cool. And that’s not all! It’s made by hand, so it’s yours and yours alone.

3. A metallic table centrepiece

You can’t go wrong with the Sonete centrepiece. Just set a little houseplant inside and there you have it: a gorgeous accessory in no time at all.


4. Mesh on your living room table

Meet Carisa, the table centrepiece that’s ahead of the curve. Round in shape, it’s made from metal with a black finish. So what makes it so special? The design is bang on-trend: it’s made from that mesh netting we’re head over heels in love with. This metal meshwork puts a fresh twist on an otherwise traditional accessory.

5. Wood heaven

Create a natural look by combining the Yanila bowl and the Odaia tray, then add a handful of dry leaves to dress the space. And hey presto, you’ve got a living room with a difference.

6. Time out in your living room

Hourglasses are back with a bang and these decorative pieces definitely have that special charm. Simply set one on your coffee table, put real life on pause and savour the moment for yourself. Our tip: match the Jany hourglass with the Gerty.

7. A flower and vase centrepiece

No matter the season, there’s no doubt that flowers bring a table to life. Pick your favourite vase and make a super fresh arrangement for your living room coffee table.

8. Una tabla de servir de madera llena de velas y flores

Deja volar tu imaginación y crea composiciones únicas. Te echamos un cable. Elige una tabla de servir como la original Ledy o la bonita Augustine de madera y mármol. Coloca alguna plantita pequeña o velas para crear un centro único.

9. Un panel mural como adorno

Nos encantan los paneles murales y sobre todo si los utilizamos como centro de mesa. Una pieza muy versátil que llenará tu casa de personalidad. Además, Melisa es 100% de madera maciza de mungur sostenible tallada a mano para conseguir sus formas y relieves.

10.Un adorno muy personal

No hay nada como un original marco de fotos con un bonito recuerdo. Crea un centro de mesa personal con objetos y recuerdos únicos.

June 16, 2021, 3:22 p.m.