Armchairs are the perfect way to add extra seating and complete your living room. The sofa, however, is the real star of the show, so these two pieces need to coexist if they’re going to reign happily over the living room. We reveal the five foolproof formulas for matching your sofa to your armchairs. Don’t tell anyone!


1. The amount of space in your living room

Before choosing your armchair or sofa, think about the kind of layout you want. This should be comfortable and practical. Measure the space in your living room and make sure you’ve got enough room to add furniture. You might be lucky and able to add two or three armchairs and even a side table. According to the space available, you’ll also need to think about the size of your armchairs. At Kave Home, we’ve got plenty of designs and dimensions to suit your style and living room. Once you know the dimensions, think carefully about the distribution. If you have a chaise longue sofa, you could complete the space by placing an armchair facing the chaise longue. If you have a small sofa, on the other hand, you could add an armchair on either side or facing the sofa. We’ll talk more about that later.

2. The overall style of your living room

We’re a bit torn on this point, because some of us like everything to be matching. If that sounds like you, we suggest choosing the same colour or fabric and you’ll have a matching set. For example, one idea could be to match the Debra sofa with Debra armchairs. A sure thing! If you’re a little braver, we suggest taking more of a risk. Our tip to visually make space for each piece of furniture, choose different upholstery and mix colours and textures. Only then can you create a truly characterful designer interior.


3. Versatile design for the living room

If you need an armchair to match and complement a sofa, always choose a design that’s light, versatile and easy to move. Then you can change its position or even the room it’s in, and have lots more options to enjoy

4. The exact distances in your living room

Another trick for nailing the perfect sofa-armchair combo is to think carefully about distances. Take note of these three numbers. To start, place your sofa at a distance of 50 cm from your coffee table. Once it’s in position, it’s time to arrange the armchairs. If you have two, they should be 85 cm apart. And the distance between them and the sofa? For visual harmony, the ideal distance is at least one and a half metres apart.


5. Possible layouts for your living room:

Now we’ve reached the final step: Choosing the distribution of your sofa and armchairs. The classic arrangement is a “U” shape, with an armchair on either side of the sofa to make the coffee table and television the focal point.

With an “L” shape, you can place the armchairs on one side of the sofa and gain much more space in the living room.

Sofa and armchairs face-to-face is another favourite combination of ours, as it improves communication by creating a space for conversation that leaves the TV to one side.

Now you can start choosing your armchairs and sofas from our selections.

June 9, 2021, 8:02 a.m.