Nature photographer and activist Pie Aerts changed course in 2017. He said goodbye to his demanding office job to follow his heart for photography. "Photography has always been my passion, but I never dared to take the step before. I was done with constantly having to grow and perform at the office. That rat race and its attitude no longer fits in with the spirit of the times, in my opinion. I became alienated from it and was looking for meaning," says Pie.

So sustainability and living a more conscious life are of paramount importance to Pie and Jessica Wintz - his girlfriend - from food and travel to, of course, interior design. Together with Kave Home, the couple has transformed their roof terrace, in the heart of Amsterdam, into the hotspot of the capital. Kave Home talked to this inspiring couple. Do you want to read and see the endresult?


In 2017, Pie and Jessica both decided to quit their jobs and spent two and a half years travelling together. During that trip, Pie's first photography book, Tales from the roads less traveled, took shape. In it, he portrays - from the Andes to Nepal - 20 of the world's most remote peoples and places in a breathtaking manner. A quest for what we in the Western world can learn from these people. How does Pie describe his photography work? He works at the intersection between man, animal and nature, and is looking for the answer to the question: 'Why are we increasingly alienated from our natural environment, and from each other? All their travels, and getting to know different cultures, had and still have a great impact on their way of life.


Thestyleofyourhouse in Amsterdam 

"Adventure is great, but for me personally, the best thing about travelling is coming home again," says Pie. "And you can feel that in our house. It is warm and safe. We both find that very important. You have to want to be in your own home. One style? I find that hard to say. It is a mix, I think." Jessica adds: "Our house has a lot of character, with earthy tones, wood and personal items full of memories."

Favouritespot inthehouse

"That's the roof terrace for both of us - especially now that it's been redecorated with Kave Home. We've lived in Amsterdam for 10 years now, and until now we didn't really have an 'outside' space. Since the lockdown, we've been spending significantly more time at home. That makes you look at your house differently. We wanted to build a roof terrace, and thus create our own, nice outdoor space. And we succeeded! And, the restaurants and terraces in the city can reopen; but we will be sitting on our own roof terrace, together with our newborn daughter. We won't be leaving that place any time soon.


Favouriteitem inthehouse

"I love the Geralda chair. It's made of durable acacia wood and hand-woven rattan," says Jessica. Pie's favourite is definitely the Flaviina corner sofa. "I think it's a really lovely sofa. And - all the more so for the outdoor segment - the price for this durable sofa is really good," says Pie.

But if you ask Pie about his most precious possession in the house, it would be his photo book collection. "We also recently got a vintage 'printing cabinet', where I can store all my prints."


Kave Cares: sustainable production and materials

SustainabilityisoneofKaveHome'smost importantvalues-fromthematerialstotheproductionprocesses.ThatiswhyonlysustainableitemswereusedforPieandJessica's roofterrace.

"I personally think it's important to try and give as much furniture as possible a second life," says Pie. "And that's what Kave Home does. For example, I found out that if a piece of furniture gets damaged, Kave Home suggests replacing the parts rather than the whole item. It never occurred to me that you could change one slat in a table. Almost any other company would say: we'll send you a new table. I think that way of thinking is very typical of Kave."

Aug. 4, 2021, 9 a.m.