While there are hundreds of ways to paint a bedroom, relaxing shades are still a must for the place where you sleep. Want to know what they are? Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect colours.


White, the choice for a million bedrooms

And any other room you can think of. White is the wild card of colours – you can play it anywhere. You can update your bedlinen or change the headboard while keeping the walls the same shade. With white, the ideas for decorating your bedroom are endless.


Wall, paper, scissors

An increasingly popular idea among interior designers is to use wallpaper on the wall behind the bed or to create the effect of another material such as marble or wood. As well as looking great, it saves you doing any building work.


We love a grey evening

Want to create a relaxed atmosphere? Cold, neutral colours are the tones for the job. We love grey. Choose items such as bedside tables or wooden mirrors and rugs made from natural fibres in big current styles like the Scandi look.


Turn the temperature up and down

Did you know that you can change a tone without adding even one coat of paint? Depending on the lighting in your bedroom or the colours you choose for your accessories, your walls can take on one tone or another. Is the one in this photo grey or blue?

Once you’ve chosen the colour for your bedroom walls, click here to furnish it and maximise every inch.

March 19, 2021, 8 a.m.