What could be cosier than a bedroom with a rug? It’s the defining element to creating a comfortable ambiance, and there’s nothing like getting out of bed and feeling its warm softness under your feet in the morning. Follow our tips below and we’ll help you find the dream rug for your bedroom.


1. Ideal size, ideal place

The size of the bedroom itself will help determine the size of the rug, but the dimensions of the bed will give you the best idea. For spacious bedrooms, you can safely opt for a large rug to cover the entire area under the bed, including underneath the bedside tables and other furniture. This will create a cosy atmosphere and give the whole room a more finished look.

If that’s too much rug for your liking, there’s no need for it to extend as far as the bedside tables. The most important part is ensuring it’s wide enough either side for you to appreciate its softness as you step out of bed.

An alternative to one enormous rug is to use three separate rugs - an idea that will give you more leeway colour and design-wise. Place one either side of the bed and the other at the foot of the bed.

For smaller bedrooms, use just one rug and place it in front of the bed or the mirror. This will add to the comfort factor when you get dressed and pad around with it under your feet.


2. Which shape works best?

If you’re looking to dial your bedroom décor up a notch, a round rug will give a more dynamic look. It will make an instant style statement, adding colour and a fresh feel to the room.

However, rectangular rugs tend to adapt best to the


3. A stylish look

So now you have a clearer idea about the right size and shape of rug for your room, let’s take a look at some different designs to inspire us. Rugs have the power to define the style of the entire space. Focus on materials and colours because these will determine how relaxed it feels ­ an important factor to bear in mind for a bedroom.

Rugs in neutral colours

Step inside your bedroom at the end of the day and feel how it instantly sends you into a blissful state of relaxation. That’s the idea, anyway. Natural and neutral colours will help you achieve this more than any other. On the same wavelength? Take a look at the Takashi rug, made from 100% wool, the ideal year-round material as it maintains its temperature whatever the season. Plus its hand woven, and the beige tone will bring a sense of spaciousness and light to the room.

Rugs with a touch of colour:

If you simply can’t resist bringing a little more colour into the room, look no further than the Catiana rug. It’s 100% PET made from recycled plastic bottles recovered from the ocean. A touch of colour with blue stripes will add a modern vibe to the room.

Take note of these tips and use the power of a rug to infuse your bedroom with style. Check out our large range of rugs.

May 25, 2021, noon