If you have a small flat and work from home, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re talking about the “Cloffice”, the new craze for setting up home offices in closets, or wardrobes. And we must admit, it’s actually a much better idea that we thought. Read on to find out how to make the best home office (or should we say, closet office) using the least space possible.

What do you need to set it up?

First of all, find a wardrobe and clear it out. You can use a chest of drawers as a desk to put your computer on and store things in. If you do use a chest of drawers, make sure it’s the right size for you to maintain good posture.

Cloffice accessories

Even though it’s a wardrobe, this will be a workplace, so make sure you think about all the elements needed for an efficient and practical space. Consider everything you need to create the best working conditions, such as lighting. Wardrobes aren’t known for their good lighting but it’s really important when you’re working. Add a lamp if the natural light in the room isn’t enough, and if you don’t have a plug socket handy, one of our wireless lamps will do the trick.

Decorate the rest of the space however you want and tailor it to the style you like best. We recommend keeping things simple and creating an industrial or natural look, for example. With this as a base, it’ll be easier to choose decorations and accessories to make everything look good. Another tip is adding wallpaper to personalise the space. You can also hang up pictures and photos to add a bit more colour.

It’s always important to keep things tidy, and even more so in this case. Make sure you’ve got loads of baskets and boxes to hand to keep things in. Side tables are another good idea, as they’re very versatile. You can move them from the living room to your office and keep everything tidy.

Comfort is key so you really need to get yourself a good chair – your health is the most important thing. We recommend one of our desk chairs, and you can always leave it in another room and move it in when needed if it doesn’t fit inside the wardrobe. Chairs like the Yvette, Einara or Jenna have a really versatile design that you’ll want to show off in any room.

The best thing about all this is that you can close your wardrobe door when you finish work, hiding your office from view until the following day.

July 1, 2021, 10 a.m.