Broadly speaking, “modern style” interiors could mean anything that isn’t an old-fashioned, ornamental or very classic look. However, there are two styles within this category that tend to overlap: modern and contemporary. Interior designers understand modern style as a generally understated and functional look, while a contemporary style adds more avant-garde touches to the formula.

Whichever you go for, we’ve got some tips lined up to give your table a personality to match your own.


Table decoration for modern style dining tables

Ask any interior design guru and they’ll tell you that modern décor stands for straight lines and highly functional design while keeping any unnecessary or superfluous elements at bay. In broad terms, a modern style advocates the “less is more” concept.

So, what kind of furniture and decoration should you aim for to create this look? Cement, steel and glass tend to dominate in modern dining spaces, combined with plain, block-colour walls often featuring large Modern Art paintings or prints.

When it comes to the centrepiece, make a statement with a large vase, tray or bowl made of clay, steel or glass, and if you like you can add flowers or decorative details to match your colour scheme.

Our advice? Pendant ceiling lights centred over the table always work well and help frame and bring a warm glow to the whole space. Click here to visit our selection of modern pendant ceiling lights and find your perfect match.


Table decoration for contemporary dining tables

Contemporary design is always at the cutting edge of the latest trends, continually adapting in its quest to spearhead the very latest interior style ideas. It has a greater element of risk and is based more on the expression of individuality through interior design.

There really are no limits to the range of materials you can use, but this style tends to avoid straight lines or hard-and-fast rules, giving you free reign to play with decorative elements to achieve a very unique dining space. Examples include wallpapers, bolder colours and furniture with original designs to bring your dining area to life with a clear style of its own.

Look out for a centrepiece or colourful ceiling pendants in unique shapes to achieve an instant design magazine look.

Our advice? This is all about expressing your own individual style so don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up if it doesn’t look right the first time round. Try out new combinations – you’ve got nothing to lose! You are in constant evolution – let your home interior reflect that.

If you’re excited to find even more inspiration to decorate and furnish your dining space, head over to our Magazine for more ideas.

Feb. 8, 2021, 11:54 a.m.