Candles will always be a great resource for dressing your home. They add warmth, fragrance and a style refresh for any interior. Discover these seven simple ideas to make a statement with candles.


1.Rustic + special

Put candles on top of a piece of tree trunk or bark. Give this season’s big rustic look a boost as well as upping the cosiness factor with wood and the candle’s warm glow. Let Touch of Blossom help you reconnect with your essence and melt all your tensions away, filling you up with good energy thanks to its light, gentle notes of rose, iris and a touch of orange. 2

2. Eternal summer

If you spend all year looking forward to summer, enjoy it sooner with our pretty Lemonade scented candle. Thanks to its combination of lemon, mandarin and violet notes, it’s the perfect way to fill your home with freshness. And the yellow design is so this season. Enjoy summery vibes every day.

3. Warming aromas

As well as their glow, scented candles fill the room with a delicious fragrance. There’s nothing like it! Avoid putting them in the kitchen or dining room to keep the air smelling “clean” for mealtimes.

4. Get your five a day!

Make a round cut in the top of an apple and put the candle inside. The result is spectacular and the fragrance even more so. If DIY isn’t your thing, light up our Fruit Tree scented candle and let its aroma of basil, geranium and tomato leaves bring nature indoors.

5. Glowing water lilies

The movement of water has a powerfully relaxing effect. Add some floating candles to a bowl of water and set an intimate, laid-back mood. To make it even more relaxing, add the Aqua Essence stick diffuser. With our Aqua Essence candle, the essence of the Mediterranean is in your hands. It combines that scent of eucalyptus, lavender, pine and that sea air that we all love to breathe in. Take a trip to the seaside wherever you are.

6. The fireplace

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace but don’t tend to use it, the grate is the perfect space to fill with a still life of different-sized candles. This way, you’ll style it the way it deserves and turn a forgotten corner into something very special.

7. Recycle and conquer

Wrap a candle in recycled paper and tie it with some natural string. A very vintage and original look.

Now there’s no excuse not to revamp your décor with candles – some of the most practical elements around.

April 28, 2021, 9 a.m.