They may be relatively small in size but coffee tables offer huge style potential for your living room. Use these pieces to give your space a makeover in the blink of an eye.


The perfect vase, with flowers or without

Our Narela vases in different sizes look great all on their own. Forget about refreshing your flowers all the time – just add a bloom or two when you feel like it. This collection is designed to adds colour and style all year round. You can also show off your vases separately or together. Either choice is a good one.


The essence of you, in the heart of your home

Let it flow. Find a candle with a signature scent that feels like you and reconnect with yourself in the living room. Your new sanctuary can be found by the coffee table: close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy the pleasures of home. Our new fragrances come in a glass container that will keep your surfaces clean and you can reuse or recycle later.


United colours

Soft furnishings are the ideal element for connecting the look of different parts of the living room. The colour of the sofa upholstery, cushion covers or rug can help form a link with the coffee table if you add a little decoration in the same tones. If you’re lucky enough to own a Blok sofa in pink, see how great this Andy vase goes looks with it!


Different materials, better together

Let us tell you a secret. When it comes to the coffee table, avoid placing two items in the same material together. For example, if the top of the table is made from wood, use a centrepiece or tray in glass or metal. Likewise, if the top is glass, it’s best to place a vase in another material, such as ceramic.

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Feb. 15, 2021, 10:57 a.m.