A mirror's reflection is always beneficial for you and your home. As well as confirming that we’re 100% ready to leave the house, it enhances the sense of light and depth. A mirror is always a safe bet when you know how to use it, which is where the wisdom of Feng Shui comes in. Ready to learn the secrets?


Mirror mirror on the wall, or on top of a piece of furniture

Choosing where to put your mirror depends on the effect you want to achieve. To increase depth and make a space feel larger, put it on top of a piece of furniture or hang it on the wall in a way that connects with other rooms. And putting a mirror in your hallway or at the end of a corridor helps to fill any empty spaces. Try not to put the mirror facing the door, as the energy that comes in could bounce back out again. Better to hang it facing side-on


Round or elongated mirrors

One of the most important mirrors is the one in your living room, as this is a communal area and, according to Feng Shui, has a dynamic effect on the flow of energy. If your living room is on the smaller side, a large, round and slim mirror is your best bet. The space will feel much bigger and brighter. If your mirror is rectangular, the best option is an elongated mirror, placed horizontally to harmonise with the distribution of space.


Bathroom mirrors

Of course, the one place you definitely need a mirror is in your bathroom. Make sure that the frame is made from a moisture-resistant material such as teak, which will also lend a natural look to give your bathroom that personal spa feel. However, to prevent energy from escaping, make sure that the mirror doesn’t face the door.


Free-standing mirrors

A free-standing mirror in your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe is a must have if you want to check your outfit before leaving the house, or check yourself out for a quick ego boost! And if it’s facing to the north-east, you’ll find it easier to connect with yourself and your surroundings. Make sure that you can see yourself fully in the mirror, including your head, to ensure good feng shui and a sense of wellbeing.

March 22, 2021, noon