As feng shui tells us, the direction our bed faces can have a significant effect on our everyday life. Here are the keys to boosting your wellbeing from the part of your home where you spend most time: your bed.


7 feng shui tricks for your bed

  1. To create a sense of stability, the bed should be located parallel or at right angles to the wall.
  2. It’s important to be able to see the bedroom door and windows from your bed. If the layout of your bedroom makes this impossible, add a mirror so you can see the door’s reflection from your bed. It’ll help you to feel more secure while you sleep.
  3. Even so, it’s advisable not to place your bed directly in front of the door, as you’ll create a sense of vulnerability and lack of privacy. The ideal solution is to have a diagonal line of sight with the door.
  4. Ideally, the headboard should be against a wall and, for double beds, space left for bedside tables or lights on both sides of the bed to create balance. If you share a bed, leaving a space on both sides gives a sense of equality and improves the energy.
  5. The light from the sunset has a special energy, so if you can locate your bed in a spot that receives sunlight at that time, all the better.
  6. The bed should have some distance from the walls adjoining the bathroom and should not face the bathroom door, as this belongs to the water sign (Yin) and could have a negative energetic effect associated with back and kidney problems. The scientific explanation is that if you’re close to the bathroom, moisture can reach your bed more easily, and as it’s a place where you spend lots of time, the poor quality air can affect your wellbeing. It’s also important not to sleep next to the kitchen walls, as the noise levels could stop you from sleeping deeply.
  7. You should locate your bed in a place where air conditioning reaches you indirectly. This way, you’ll maintain your equilibrium and your immune system will thank you. Fascinating, isn’t it?

As well as the direction your bed faces, feng shui also recommends that you keep your sleeping area tidy and free from any electronic devices to ensure a sound night’s sleep.

Our Kave-Shui trick? Choose your mattress well and decorate your bedroom in a style that’s conducive to relaxation. You won't lose a wink of sleep!

Feb. 17, 2021, 10:51 a.m.