There’s no escape. Even once the little ones are in bed, the teddy bears still invade the sofa, haunting you with their beady eyes. Everywhere you turn, toys seem to multiply and infiltrate every room. The kitchen is full of drawings, and you’ll even need to watch your step in the bathroom. But despair not, help is on the way! Believe it or not, you can get these toys in line – read on to find out how.


Reduce the toy headcount

Before you even start, summon up a little willpower and set out to get rid of any toys that are broken, missing pieces or looking a bit worse for wear. Be brutal! Don’t forget to carry out this task with the kids or you’ll risk some major tantrums if you’re accused of giving away or losing a favourite toy.


Organise them by size

The hardest part is done and now all you need is a formula to get them organised. One option is to use different sized baskets, which you’ll be able to re-use around the house once the little ones have grown up. We like the idea of using baskets with a design feature to complement your home décor and add personality to the room.


Enlist occasional furniture

A trolley is another idea that will slot in nicely anywhere in the house and helps to organise toys and move them easily from one place to another. The design looks great and has wheels, so it’s perfect for your home and for the little ones. What do you reckon?


Shelves and more shelves

Keep everything tidy and close to hand with our delightful shelving units with baskets. They don’t just look good, they’re practical and child-friendly too. Another option is to add low furniture units and drawers to keep all the toys neatly stashed out of sight when they’re not in use. Up to you!

We simply love the look of shelves. They’re also the perfect excuse to play around with your colour scheme in similar tones to your baskets or boxes and add a splash of colour and personality.

Books everywhere? You can never have too much shelving at home. Not only does it add style to your interiors, it also helps keep everything in its place. Don’t forget to include some lower shelves so the little ones can get to their books by themselves. They love to be independent and develop their skills.


Get it all out then tidy it away

One great way to keep the little ones entertained it to set aside an afternoon for classifying all their toys together. It’s a fun activity to do with them and at the same time helps them understand the importance of leaving everything tidy again once they’ve finished playing.

With these tips, your house will never be the same again and the kids will know where to find all their favourite treasures.

May 6, 2021, 10 a.m.