Is there a better finishing touch for your hallway than an oversized mirror? You’ll gain style, light and depth. It’s also a trusted ally when it comes to giving your look a final check to make sure you’re ready to take on the world. Nothing like starting the day with a good self-esteem boost.


Create depth with a free-standing mirror

As well as reflecting your whole outfit, free-standing mirrors help to create a sense of depth in entrances that connect to a passageway or in small hallways, if space permits. With Nerina and its simple, fine frame, you’re the star attraction – it’s much easier to see your whole reflection in a large mirror like this.


A wall mirror above your sideboard

If you’ve got a sideboard in your hallway, add a large mirror above it to fill the empty wall space. You can choose from three ways to position our Raintree mirror – on the sideboard and leaning against the wall, hanging from the hooks that come included, or using the leather strap. Up to you!


A window to the interior

Is there a nicer view than the inside of your home? Show it off! If you’ve got a large, beautiful hallway, Nediva is all you’re missing. With the shape of a large window and a cool, contemporary design, it adds the ultimate touch of chic to your hallway. What’s more, it’ll suit any style, from classic to modern. A win-win!


A mirror that breaks from the norm

If you love to push the envelope, here’s the perfect mirror for expressing your personality. Anera has an organic shape that you can show off in any room as well as your hallway. Let your creativity flow and put it in the spot where you find inspiration.

Feb. 15, 2021, 9:11 a.m.