You know exactly what you’re looking for: a tall houseplant with plenty of foliage. Because there’s no such thing as too much greenery.

With the help of Colvin, here’s our guide to the perfect plants to take any interior to new heights. Meet five gorgeous, low-maintenance candidates to be your favourite new housemate. The hard part will be choosing which one to keep.

Let’s start with some introductions


Monstera Deliciosa

This plant is a must-have. Just like that little black dress in your wardrobe, it’s perfect for any occasion and looks great with everything. But there’s something you need to know. Monstera needs to be trained to grow in the right direction. Left unsupported, its branches will extend outwards in all directions, so make sure you use a cane to help it grow upwards.

On the subject of care, Monstera prefers to be kept out of direct sunlight and only occasional watering. Err on the side of caution when it comes to hydration.


Monstera Adansonii

As the name suggests, this plant is from the same family as before, although this Monstera is less well-known. It’s an absolutely stunning plant. The wrinkled leaves, dotted with holes, make it a striking addition to any space.

When it comes to growing, this Monstera is just like its sister. It needs to be trained to grow in the right direction. We promise it’s worth it. Monstera Adansonii likes a similar sort of care, too. It’s happy in well-light spaces, but its drinking habits are slightly different. Monstera Adansonii prefers a little more water, so avoid letting the soil dry out completely.


Sansevieria Zeylanica

If you’re looking for something tall and imposing, sansevieria (Mother-in-law’s Tongue) is for you. You won’t find a plant that grows straighter than this, or one that’s easier to look after. It’s so hardy and low-maintenance you can almost forget it’s there. All sansevieria needs is a spot with indirect sunlight and occasional watering.

Just one small ‘but’: this one grows very slowly. Sansevieria takes its time, but is almost indestructible.

Sansevieria Fire

If you’re looking for a plant that’s tall, extremely low-maintenance and has a little colour, the Sansevieria Fire is your perfect match. The interior is green in colour while the exterior is yellow. It’ll light up any room!

What you need to know about caring for it: this plant loves a well-lit spot, without direct sun, and can tolerate shade. But do bear in mind that lack of sunshine will result in the yellow part turning green. When it comes to watering, Sansevieria Fire is not a thirsty plant. Just give it a little water when you notice that the soil is dry.


Ficus Lyrata

Another great companion is the Ficus Lyrata. An impressively large plant with green leaves and pronounced veining. This plant grows upwards and can get as big as you let it. When it comes to care, Ficus Lyrata is another easy one. It’s not a fan of direct sunlight and just needs watering when the soil dries out. That’s it!

If you want to learn more about houseplants, keep reading our Magazine to discover the perfect additions for every room and how to style them using pots and planters. Bringing your decor to life has never been easier!

Feb. 16, 2021, 2:18 p.m.