It’s true: doors can transform the look of your home but we don’t tend to give them as much thought they deserve. The key is in choosing the right colour. And we’ve got all the advice you need to get it right. Let’s get started!

The colour you should paint your interior doors is...

We know, it sounds a bit complicated but it’s much easier once we start thinking about it. The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much natural light your house gets. As we already know, white and neutral colours add light to any room. If you’re hoping to create a more elegant environment then choose light grey, beige or even black. Of course, if you go for the latter option when painting the doors inside your house then make sure you it gets enough natural light to maintain that feeling of spaciousness. It’s essential!

Now let’s look at the benefits of each colour in more detail.

White doors, the best option

White plays the lead role when it comes to interior doors. Without a doubt, we recommend this colour if you want to achieve a natural environment and give more emphasis to other elements, which, in contrast, you can change according to trends and seasons. We’re talking about the colour of the walls, pictures, fabrics or even furniture.

What about grey or beige for interior doors?

If you’re not taken with the idea of white, a second option we’d recommend are neutral colours. Beige a.k.a. cream or light grey, for example, are very popular shades in the interiors world. They’re still a great way to brighten up a space and add personality to your home. We’d recommend this option if your walls are painted white and you want to break up the monotony and add a little contrast to the space.

Get it right by choosing a timeless design and neutral colours. This is the key to avoid getting tired of one thing or allowing it to become the centre of attention.

Be bold with black doors!

If you want to go one step further and surprise all your visitors, then go for black. It’s a shade that adds elegance and personality. If you like the idea, in addition to being very daring, we’d recommend that you paint your walls white. Black and white are the perfect combination and you’ll see how the two colours work together to create light and space in your home.

Our final tip would be to take the opportunity to change your door handles, too. It’s another small change but one that can help you match colours with your decoration while avoiding the need to paint everything again from scratch. A small but cost-effective change that can bring new life to your doors!

As you can see, painting the doors is a wallet-friendly makeover that'll add personality and bring your home up to date.

May 21, 2021, 11:15 a.m.