From its spot by the wall in our living or dining room, the sideboard has become one of those items of furniture we couldn’t be without. But if we want it to be as attractive as it is useful, we need to figure out how to decorate it.

Here are four super-simple combinations you'll want to copy.

How you arrange the elements depends a lot on the size of your sideboard and the number of pieces you want to add. In general, it’s best to avoid crowding the surface and to create a sense of balance. My favourite thing is to add a large object on one side, like a picture or a vase with a nice bouquet of flowers, and then smaller objects to go with it, like an ornament and a decorative box or a table centrepiece in the middle. But everyone’s taste is different and in the end it’s about creating a little corner in our own style with a look we love.


Look 1

If you like minimalist spaces where simplicity and straight lines are the order of the day, put few items on top of the sideboard and a decorative panel or large picture on the wall. For it all to look just right, make sure that this doesn’t exceed the size of the sideboard, and if the one you like is very small, add another panel to use up the extra space.


Look 2

Got a small living room? Put a mirror on top of the sideboard or hanging on the wall and you'll feel like you've added a couple of metres. Round ones look great and, according to Feng Shui, attract wealth. You can put it in the centre or at the side and offset the empty spaces with different-sized objects. As we already have a large element as our key piece, the others should ideally be smaller to avoid crowding this area.


Look 3

You can’t go wrong with plants – they’ve got the power to make any space look and feel more cheerful. And if you like flowers, save a space on your sideboard for a bouquet. Here, we’ve limited the height of the objects by hanging a picture on the wall and added two tall plants on either side of the sideboard. You can almost smell the freshness!


Look 4

Candles are a great addition to any surface. We always recommend them for the cosy, peaceful feeling they create. If you like a fragrant home, scented candles are just what you need. In this corner, we’ve balanced the two sides of the sideboard with two tall objects and filled in the middle with small vases.

All in all, it’s about balance.

April 22, 2021, 10 a.m.