It’s easier than you think to bring out the decorative potential of your chest of drawers. The surface is a space to express your style and personality, so let your imagination and creativity run free.

Start by creating a blank canvas to play around with by leaving the area clean and tidy. Next, we’ll give you some ideas for little details to help you to give it a personal touch.


1.Natural vibes for the bedroom

Plants are one of our favourite elements. They help you add warmth and a personal touch to your bedroom and there’s a vast range to choose from, real or artificial, plus planters to add some colour. Green = go!


2.Sleeping beauty

If you like to keep your jewellery tidy and at your fingertips, use finger bowls to keep them in view and complement the look with a mirror or accessories such as vases or framed photos. Turn this space into a little dressing table.


3.Let light into your sanctuary

Ambient light is essential for turning your bedroom into a comfortable, relaxed space at the end of the day. A table lamp on top of your chest of drawers is the perfect solution for adding style by day and setting a relaxing mood by night.


4.Books, magazines and hobbies in your bedroom

Want to create a unique, personal feel? Look no further. As an expression of your tastes and a reminder of good times, your books and magazines will make your chest of drawers more “you” than ever. Store them vertically or horizontally, which can also serve as a little shelf for a candle or ornament.


5.Pictures, panels and mirrors for your bedroom

Let your walls join the party. Pictures and panels are great for adding a new dimension, plus you can hang them or lean them against the wall. Or why not choose a mirror? It’ll make your bedroom brighter and create the illusion of more space.

Need more doses of inspiration? Keep reading our magazine to create the ideal bedroom.

Feb. 11, 2021, 9:39 a.m.