Arranging flowers in a vase might seem easy enough but there is a knack to it, just as there is for choosing the ideal vase. Here’s your complete guide to using decorative vases to make the most of your blooms.


Location matters

Before choosing the size of the vase, think about where you’re going to put it and on top of which piece of furniture. Avoid putting a large vase in a small space as it’ll make the room feel smaller – try to maintain balance. 

Tip: put flat bouquets with their back against the wall and leave the front on show. How about in the hallway? If your arrangement is completely balanced, put it on your dining table or living room coffee table so you can appreciate it from all angles.

Small, medium or large?

The trick to choosing the perfect vase is all about the rule of three. Mentally divide the bunch into thirds – the lower part should stay within the vase while the upper two should be sticking out. And that’s it, mystery solved.

How to choose the perfect vase

Did you know that there’s the perfect vase for every bunch? The secret is in how you arrange it.


Bud: The ideal vase for bouquets with lots of leaves or a large variety of flowers. The bouquet will naturally fall towards the sides, so it’s ideal for flowers cut at different lengths.


Tall and narrow: These delicate, elegant vases look stunning with long stems or bunches. The trick is to add just the right amount: for best results, avoid over-filling your vase. Try adding up to three branches of cotton or eucalyptus gunnii, then stand back and admire.

Short: A safe bet for arrangements of shorter-stemmed flowers, these vases can be used for individual stems or extra-leafy bouquets. And roses and peonies look gorgeous in this type of vase.

Round: These classic vases are characterised by their round shape and small neck. They’re perfect for arranging all kinds of flowers and creating a romantic feel. If you’ve got a bouquet with fine stems and large flowers, or arrangements with lots of different types, this is the vase for you.

Bell-shaped: These vases resemble an upside-down bell, with a neck wider than the base. One way to arrange the flowers is by leaving plenty of space for the stems to spread out. Ideal for giving your space an informal look.


Glass or ceramic?

It all depends on how much you want to show off the flowers. We recommend choosing a ceramic vase for simple flowers or bouquets, or those with a subtle colour. Got a bouquet with lots of variety or one that’s full of colour? In that case, a glass vase is for you.

Tip: In small rooms where we want to maximise the sense of space, use transparent glass vases as they help to create a feeling of fluidity.

Now that you know which kind of vase goes with which arrangement, it’s time to put it into practice. Which was the winner for you and how did it look? Let us know!

March 8, 2021, 2:41 p.m.