Want to organise and decorate your shelves? We’ve got the perfect guest to help you turn your shelves into the most distinctive piece in your home. Gigi Vives (@gigi_vives) is a content creator and fan of our Push shelves.

Her secret: fill it with touches of colour, souvenirs, photos, candles, flowers and little details, so that it suits her style and expresses who she is. Gigi shares three unique looks to help you decorate your shelves. Ready?

Minimal & Natural

The star of this first style is a plant ­– a super cute ficus with an authentic and natural look. To complement it, you can decorate the rest of the shelves with some books and candles to give this small space the finishing touch.

Following a slightly more minimalist aesthetic, you can put some white books and to create another small shelf on which to put candles and other things. And, if you want to give it a touch of colour, choose a poster or photo.

Pinterest style

For the second look, let’s create a very minimalist space, very Pinterest, with gold, black and white tones.

Here we start with a framed photo that matches the bars on our shelf and the black and white of the photo. Add the Quelia box in gold and black to keep bits and pieces. And as we promised, this is a minimalist space so put the Antelia candlestick, also in gold, and a pink candle to add something special that elevates the whole look.

More is more

The third idea is the most ornate and original. The Aureline and Astera vases are your key allies. In one of these, we add some flowers to bring in some colour and a natural touch. And last but not least, you can put a candle on this side to create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings. Is something missing? Putting a photo behind the vases will add more of a dimension.

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Feb. 11, 2021, 8:39 a.m.