We love industrial-style interiors, but we also get that not everyone has an open-plan house with high ceilings and light flooding in. For those who can’t help dreaming about New York lofts, we’ve got some stress-free décor secrets to bring the industrial look a little closer to home.


Large windows or mirrors?

Large windows and mirrors are key elements to industrial interiors. Enter the Ulrica mirror, and voilà! You’ve got a large window or mirror with zero building work required. This over-sized mirror in the form of a window will add light to the room and make it feel bigger.


An original picture

Pictures make a statement and are possibly one of the most important features in your home décor. Meet the new Nakita picture. Made from 100% metal, it’s an original composition featuring metal spokes in the shape of a flower in a contemporary mesh texture. If you like this idea, we’ve got a whole range of metal design pictures such as the Dimpa and the Christine. Pick your favourite!

Go for gold

Gold is a classic shade in the industrial palette. Our decorative metallic panels such as the Venertia are a great way to incorporate some into your home. With a series of eye-catching shapes, it’s a very original element and will certainly turn heads. Bring some art into your home and jazz up those walls.


Metallic shelving, of course

Shelving elements such as the steel Najat model add design and free up space. If you’re looking for an original way of filling an empty wall, this is it. With its metallic structure and geometric design, it definitely has a modern, industrial vibe to it. And if you love that idea, take a look at the Across shelf. Its original circular shape is a feature in itself but it’s also been designed with two different hanging positions – the choice is yours.


The decorative power of coat racks

A coat rack is a useful and stylish accessory for keeping things tidy but it can also add some personality to your home décor. Take a look at the Callia and you’ll see what we mean. In keeping with the industrial theme, this one is also metallic and features a mesh compartment. Best of all, it’s so versatile that it’ll look just as good in the hall as it would in the kitchen or bedroom. Where would you imagine yours? It really doesn’t matter whether you live in a city centre apartment or a house in the countryside, you can achieve an industrial style in any interior. The small details make all the difference so use these tips for the walls, then add some furniture with plenty of character.

April 26, 2021, 9:07 a.m.