We love to change our look every season, even our bedroom. Here, we show you how to style and change a bed according to the season. Make a note of our foolproof tricks and trends for your bedroom. Discover how to mix and match totally different colours and prints - let's take a look!

Winter in your bedroom

We start with the coldest season of the year. For this season we have to choose colours and fabrics that we like and that we feel comfortable with, as we spend a lot of time at home so it's important to feel good. To have a winter bed we recommend darker colours, such as grey, purple or dark blue tones. Without a doubt, your duvet for this season is: Mariel. But that's not the end of it, another must-have is anything velvet and fleecy fabrics.

Springtime for your bed

After winter always comes spring, and with it flowers and bright colours. It's one of our favourite seasons, one when we feel full of energy and joy. Say goodbye to winter with bright colours like mustard yellow. Your duvet for this season is: Ibelis. Take a peek at the two colours in which it's available and choose your favourite for spring. Finally, choose textiles with prints and cheerful colours to liven up your days and get that happy feeling every time you enter your bedroom.

A chillout summer

And just like that, summer's arrived and the days (and nights) turn up the heat. To style your bed we recommend light colours and 100% cotton materials. The Mediterranean or natural style is an unmissable trend, so why not go for the Kalid duvet cover? This set is made with organic cotton, a natural fibre treated without chemicals and respecting its life cycles, with a GOTS certificate guarantee. To add texture, choose a pair of cushions in a bright colour range, in neutral colours, or play around with striped prints. This is how beautiful the combination looks.

Sleepy autumnal days

Finally, we say goodbye to summer - time to vamp up the bedroom again. An ideal option is maroon, which goes really well with earthy tones. For this season the duvet for you is the maroon Ibelis. Cover the bed with cushions in different sizes, colours and shapes. This is our top tip to make you feel cosy and warm. You can also add a blanket on top of the bed, which we're sure you'll take with you everywhere in the house you go.

So you see, with these tips, you can achieve a bedroom and bed that follows the trends of each season. You can go all the way or make small changes with textiles and accessories that will make your bedroom look different.

Sept. 21, 2021, 8 a.m.