The dining room is a place where we tend to spend a lot of time, so good lighting is important, especially when the days are shorter. Sounds complicated? Let’s shed some light on the secrets to setting the right mood.


Direct light for your dining table

To light your dining table properly without glare or shadows, there should be a light 50-80 cm away. A ceiling light such as Neda is a great candicate – it's an attractive designer piece thanks to its distinctive look and the diffusing effect of its glazed shade.

Want some up-to-date style in your dining room? Now all you need to do is look up.


Main, focal or accent lighting?

The role of your ceiling light depends on the size of the dining room. If the space is small, it'll act as a main light while in a large dining room it'll be focused on one area. To illuminate a particular area, use table or floor lamps to create accent lighting. Have you checked out our Mahala collection yet? If you’re a fan of modern design and geometric shapes, these spheres will make a big impression in your home.


Natural light for night-time

For special occasions, nothing beats candlelight. Make sure you give your candles a worthy holder – the metallic gold colour gives ourBabiyre candleholders or the Nair set even more dazzle for a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

With two candleholders, you can arrange them together or separately and style the space your way.


Give LEDs the green light

Our LED Bulb makes eco-friendly living a piece of cake. It uses little and lasts for ages – a win for the planet and your wallet. Whatever kind of lamp you go for, at Kave Home we’ve got an LED Bulb in every size and shape.

If you’d like to find out more about our Bulb lightbulbs, this is for you.

March 25, 2021, 1 p.m.