When we say add plants to your interiors to bring them to life, we do so with utmost faith in their power. Feng shui tells us that plants help balance the energy in your home, you just need to know the best place to put them.

Plants are an Earth element, one of the five forces of feng shui, which boosts positive energy and brings the room to life.

Where should I put my plants to improve the feng shui?

You can put small plants anywhere in your room as they transmit good vibes no matter where they are. Because they are constantly growing, the space evolves with them and encourages you to do the same.

That said, tall plants should go in the corner of the room, and if possible, the one furthest from the door, normally diagonal to it. Some experts recommend keeping them out of the bedroom but we think it all depends on how big the room is. If you’ve got enough space, why not?

Do cacti bring bad feng shui?

If you want to have a cactus in your home, bear in mind that they can sometimes bring bad feng shui. It’s all down to the danger of pricking yourself, so it’s best to keep pointed items outside your relaxing surroundings.

But don’t fear, there are places where you CAN set them, because in these spots their needles symbolize protection. This is true of the outdoors and your window sills; putting them there is said to protect your home, career and reputation.


Group your plants in fours

The number 4 is associated with well-being and some experts recommend grouping your plants to enhance the look of your rooms and improve the feng shui. If you fancy adding a small cactus to your decor, you could combat its negative energy by surrounding it with other plants that bring good feng shui.

Do artificial plants also work for feng shui?

Artificial plants are recommended when there’s no other option and the well-being of real plants cannot be guaranteed: a plant in poor condition weakens the energy, which is worse than not having any plants at all. If you’ve got an artificial plant that looks real, then you’ve found a real gem! Want to know the best tricks for good feng shui? Click here to find out how.

June 18, 2021, 10:03 a.m.