The indestructibles are here, a selection of tables for your dining room. But this is not just any selection; all the tables selected share a common feature: a porcelain table top. The table is designed to make your life easier. You can chop food without fear of scratching the surface. You can even stand hot pots, pans, and other utensils without burning it. No worries.


Come to the table

They say that all the good things happen around a table. One of the most special pieces of furniture in your home. We spend time with the family, enjoy delicious meals, and sit around for hours laughing and toasting to our health and happiness. For all these reasons, you deserve an original resistant table, ideal for modern designer dining areas.

Let’s start with the Argo table. With a porcelain table top and stainless steel legs, two exceptionally elegant materials. A design with a plenty of personality. The table top comes in an Iron Moss finish and has a glass stand. Its structure will create a very innovative look in your dining room, since the legs seem to be intertwined. Believe us!


Celebrate good times

What happens at the table with you and yours stays at the table. And those celebrations that stretch on and on leave nothing but great memories. Surprise your guests with one of our Axis extending tables. The Axis with its porcelain table top and Iron Corten and anthracite finish is pure innovation and design. A compact table with a painted steel structure and glass stand for the table top. Because no one lives like you!


How many times have you thought it would be just four of you for dinner, and you end up with a houseful? If your social life calls for an even bigger extending table, the Axis collection comes in three different sizes and a variety of colours. The Axis extending table with Vulcano ash finish extends to a maximum of 220cm. Get the party started and leave your worries behind! The material and colours will always look brand new, thanks to the innovative porcelain table top, which is resistant to heat, chemicals and scratches.

Discover all the colours, sizes and models available for our most resistant tables. All you need is here!

March 6, 2020, 7:51 a.m.