Is yours the kind of home with high ceilings and tall windows? Good lighting is essential, especially when the days are shorter. So it’s important to know which type of light fitting will suit every corner of your home and help to create a more intimate setting. Take note and get ready to be enlightened.


Let’s start strong. What if we told you that you can bring light wherever you like? With ceiling lights like Spica or Dione, it’s in your hands: put the articulated arms in the position of your choice. You can focus the light according to the layout and distribution of your room. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?


Another good idea is to opt for one large light. It’ll create the impression of a slightly lower ceiling and its imposing presence will be a focal point for the space. It can also set the tone for the rest of your decor. For example, our Shianne light is the perfect protagonist of a natural-themed space with solid hardwood furniture.


If our matchmaking was on point and you’re a true nature lover, you’re in luck. With the Esther lamp, with three large piece of solid acacia wood, the feeling is mutual. Switching the floor lamp on and the main light off is a great way to create a more intimate feeling in a larger room. Here’s a trick if you want to brighten things up a little: Hang up a mirror to reflect the light.


And you can create a stunning composition by putting up several ceiling lights. Why stick with one when you could have several? Look how great these Campus lamps are together.

You’re probably feeling a little smitten about now. To power things up, stick around and choose one of our compatible light bulbs. Our energy-saving LED Bulb is ideal for you and the planet.

Feb. 12, 2021, 2:07 p.m.