A large hallway is a blessing if you know how to make the most of it. And as it’s the entrance to our home, it needs to have an instantly welcoming, feel-good atmosphere. Create a wow-factor entrance with these tips.


Ready for your comings and goings

A truly great hallway helps you leave the house feeling prepared and gives you a warm welcome when you return. How do we achieve that? Very easily. Put up hooks to keep all your jackets, bags and other accessories in one place, a shelf for the essentials like your phone and keys, and a good mirror for a final look at your reflection. You can also add a bench for saying goodbye to those heels and getting comfortable at the end of the day.


The ultimate hallway collection

Meet Natane: a collection of mirrors, hangers and hooks – everything you need to equip your hallway. And it also has all the essentials for smaller spaces. And you know what else? It’s a Kave Cares collection, as it’s made from 100% natural birch. Every Natane piece is exclusive thanks to the unique, one-off tones of this natural material.


Make every inch count

A large hallway is a big advantage if you know how to make the most of it. Keeping things tidy is the key to practicality, so make sure you invest in storage. Accessories like baskets are super useful as well as adding a stylish touch to your space. You can also put them underneath a bench to avoid taking up extra space. And to keep all your footwear tidy, a shoe rack is always a good idea.


Divide and conquer: Two spaces in one

A little space might be all you need to make your hallway work. So, what should you do with the rest? We’re pretty sure you’ll love this idea! Why not put up a screen and create a new area for reading or working? To maintain the sense of light and space, ours are 100% foldable and have rattan fronts that you can see through. And if metal screens are more your thing, we have those too. Looking for inspiration to make the most of your hallway? Keep reading our Magazine.

March 17, 2021, 9 a.m.