A pot pourri of colours, patterns, textures and shapes. If you believe that “more is more”, then Kave Home has got the style for you. Happiness and personality is what maximalism is all about. So if these two adjectives sound like you, this is the place to be. Find out what you need for a maximalist home… you’re going to love it!

A home full of colour

Did you know that colour is everything for maximalists? That means that you need more than one in your home. Mix colours, paint the walls, choose tiles with different prints and you’ll soon have a happier home. Maximalism everywhere.

Mix prints

It’s tricky to choose just one, so why not go for them all? Floral, geometric and animal prints are all must-haves. Have you seen the floral Gamer armchair yet? A Kave Home-designed piece that no home should be without. Try out our new Abish or Catalina cushions in a geometric print. Don’t forget to match everything and find the right balance, of course. Maximalism is all about style.

And blending different styles

We’re not just mixing colours and textures, but styles too. Anything goes. We’d say go for classic and modern styles – this way, you’re sure to create a space with lots of character.

Fill the walls with colours and objects

Curating your own art gallery on your walls is one of the best bits about having a maximalist home. Put up pictures, mirrors and photos and get a totally new look. Wallpaper is another great idea for your walls.

Bookcases and loads of books

Bookcases will help bring your walls to life and also add that touch of warmth that every home needs. Get out all your holiday souvenirs and give them a new use. Books will help you fill every nook and cranny.

Vases and flowers

It’s not a maximalist home without flowers. Put big colourful bouquets in vases and see what a difference it makes. Kave Home vases are really good decorative pieces too, brimming with character and style. An Arantya or Astera vase is an essential for your home.

Rugs and fabrics

The floor of your home should be covered as well – a room without a rug is just unthinkable in a maximalist home. Try mixing colours and prints. Our tip: put one rug on top of another to create a collage on the floor.

If you like the sound of this, it’s time to mix things up, break the rules and throw together different styles. But do remember to maintain visual consistency and balance. Here’s to your maximalist home!

June 24, 2021, 11:31 a.m.