For setting the mood, surrounding yourself with spring and summer vibes, and making your al fresco dinners extra special. Our new collection of candles and diffusers is designed to make spending time at home even more relaxing and enjoyable. Come and take a look!


Relax and enjoy the sunshine

In creating this candle and diffuser collection, we were inspired by those calm summer days when switching off feels like second nature.

Touch of blossom

When you come home, close the door on the world and take a deep breath. Touch of Blossom will help you reconnect with your essence and melt all your tensions away, filling you up with good energy thanks to its light, gentle notes of rose, iris and a touch of orange.

Floral sense

Step into the Garden of Eden without leaving home thanks to this floral fragrance, with the power to renew the scent and energy of every room. The quick and easy way to express your natural and authentic self at home.

Fruit Tree

Instantly turn your home into your dream country cottage. Light up our Fruit Tree scented candle and let its aroma of basil, geranium and tomato leaves bring nature indoors. Enjoy the essence of bucolic vineyard landscapes.


The freshness of a summer’s day

A big gulp of fresh air, a cool glass of lemonade after a swim, or a fun dinner with friends. These fragrances are designed to capture the essence of summer fun.

Peaches & Cream

What scent can transport you to a tropical paradise if you just close your eyes? Nothing beats the fresh, sweet aroma of fruits. You can take a trip to the Caribbean without leaving your house thanks to the Peaches & Cream scented candle, with peach and apricot.


Wish it could be summer all year round? Thanks to its combination of lemon, mandarin and violet notes, the Lemonade scented candle is the perfect way to fill your home with freshness. Enjoy summery vibes every day.


Yes, citronella is famous for its refreshing lemon scent and mosquito-repellent properties. But did you know that it’s also used to relieve stress in countries like India and Sri Lanka? Try it for yourself with some natural and easy DIY aromatherapy.

It’s available in orange and green to help you create the right look for your dinners on the terrace.


The essence of the Mediterranean

This collection transports us to the sunnier climes we’ve been dreaming of, with delicious meals to share, relaxing hours to while away, and a sea breeze to surround us. Fancy a holiday?

Blue Bay

Your home is an expression of your style, and we’ve got the secret to personalising every inch of it. With the Blue Bay scented candle and its combination of lilac and violet floral tones with a touch of vanilla, you can bring your signature essence to every room. It’s all about you.

Aqua Essence

With our Aqua Essence candle, the essence of the Mediterranean is in your hands. It combines that scent of eucalyptus, lavender, pine and that sea air that we all love to breathe in. Take a trip to the seaside wherever you are.

Click here to discover all our candles and diffusers. Creating the perfect mood is a multi-sensory experience.

March 15, 2021, 11 a.m.