When we’re planning how to arrange the different rooms in our home, it’s important to have an overall vision and a clear style concept that’s based on our personality. With this concept and goal in mind, we can start working on each room in detail. It’s the best way to be sure of a coherent result for our home.

Let’s avoid that “collage” effect, where the different spaces in the house have little to do with each other and feel confusing.


Each space has its key piece

In the living room it’s the sofa as that’s where we spend a large part of our time. It’s important to make the right choice. It should be practical and suit our needs as well as fitting into our design concept. If we like to stretch out, the sofa should be the right size, etc. In the dining room, the table and chairs are your essential items. If you love to have people over, an extendable table is a great idea.


Once you’ve chosen these pieces, you can start arranging the rest of your furniture and decoration. Vases, flowerpots and plans are excellent resources for adding life to the space. And matching them with wall hangings and pictures can create a highly personal feel. Having a clear idea of colour palettes and using bolder decor (colours, textures, striking furniture, etc.) to highlight particular areas can help break up the monotony.


Illumination is another key factor in achieving a good atmosphere. We don’t need to light every space in the same way. Instead, think about setting the scene for different sensations you want to create in each part of the home. Warm lighting should predominate in our homes and adjustable options are great for changing the mood to suit the occasion. All in all, we should think layer by layer and have a holistic vision.

Once we know the general idea, we can start choosing the main and then secondary furniture items, lighting, soft furnishings, decorative details and tableware... until we achieve the final result we were looking for – the home of our dreams.

March 17, 2021, 1 p.m.