When we talk about Provençal style, it should conjure up images of a light, Romanesque, vintage style – one that is both rustic and modern. It’s all about that perfect match and it’s a very versatile option too. Read on if you like what you hear and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this style.

Where does it come from?

None other than the Provence region of France itself. It’s a very welcoming region with lots of open countryside full of olive groves and vineyards – and now the style will begin to make sense for you. Read on...

What inspires Provençal style?

Unsurprisingly, this is a style that uses lots of colour, light and natural materials, just like the region it comes from. In terms of colours, white, grey and green are must-haves. Always in the most pastel tone, of course.

For furniture and materials, antiques are ideal. Furniture should be made from natural wood or iron. For decoration, choose glass or ceramic materials and mirrors or pictures with gold frames. And, to be clear, you need to have flowers and plants everywhere.

How to use Provençal style at home

Start with the most interesting part. Now you have some sort of idea of what Provençal style is, we’ll give you some really simple tips for using it in your home.

Provençal homes are very bright and welcoming, so think about creating open spaces with plenty of natural light.

Furniture ideas: Vintage chairs

Take note of these two chairs and add a vintage, romantic touch to your home. First, the Doriane chair, an artisanal piece with bags of character. And the Alsie chair, the perfect mix between the classic and the rustic.

Go for golden pieces

One tip is to get a side table, such as the Paradigm or the Elisenda, to create that romantic atmosphere. Marble is another material that you’ll find very useful.


A must-have in your home. Work with pink, floral wallpaper and give one of your walls a makeover.

The perfect décor

The secret is good decoration. Get some lamps and gold-framed mirrors. The Place mirror and the Beattie ceiling lamp with a floral print are other must-have pieces.

Photo frames and glass vases will add a touch of warmth and character. We definitely recommend taking a look at our Brenna collection.

You can also turn your table Provençal by using gold cutlery, transparent or pink glass plates and pale pink Samay place mats.

Want a house in Provence even more now? Well, here are all the tips you need to start playing around and creating your own Provençal home, no matter where you are.

June 23, 2021, 11:12 a.m.