Saint George’s Day -Sant Jordi- is all about books

We simply love the month of April. Not only can we start to enjoy the spring weather, but we get to celebrate two very special days related to art and literature. First up is World Art Day on the 15th, and then on the 23rd it’s World Book Day, well-known in Spain and enthusiastically celebrated in Catalonia as part of Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day).

The legend of Sant Jordi

Legend has it that Sant Jordi was a knight who saved a distraught princess from being devoured by the wicked dragon who threatened to gobble up the entire town. Sant Jordi slayed the dragon, and from his blood emerged a rose. That’s the reason why in Catalonia it is also traditional to give a rose to loved ones, as well as a book.

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Beautiful books, inside and out

Did you know that each of our stores has an exclusive book section? As design runs through our veins, we have once again put it to good use in our library of books that are beautiful inside and out – making them the ideal decorative accessory as well a great read. Dive into Kave’s literary world and find books on a whole range of different subjects and areas: music, astrology, food, art, plants, sustainability and of course, interior design.

If you’re stuck for an original book to give your loved one, look no further than our stores. You’ll find a diverse selection that will not only give an original touch to your décor, but will delight with stunning illustrations, design and content.

April 22, 2021, 4 p.m.