Ever found yourself wondering what the differences are between a balcony and a terrace? Both connect us with the outdoors and both have mini paradise potential, especially when we throw inviting furniture and décor into the mix. So... where do the similarities end?


What is a terrace?

A terrace is an outdoor space that’s integrated with your home without protruding from the construction, or is built on ground level. For example, it could be on an apartment rooftop or simply located above a lower story.

As it has a solid base it is generally much wider than the average balcony, so it lends itself to larger furniture, plants and other décor elements, opening up the possibilities of creating different environments in one.

Interestingly, the word "terrace" originates from Latin, where it also meant “built on, or supported by earth.”

We’ve found three very different terraces you’ll love, ranging from a rooftop in Barcelona, an open-air oasis-style terrace, and one for dreamy summer days with friends around the table.

But if your idea of bliss is a chill-out style terrace, look no further than this one for inspiration.


And what is a balcony?

One clear difference is that a balcony is a protruding and suspended prolongation of an apartment building. This is why balconies tend to be smaller and require a little more thought when it comes to designing the space – and making the best use of it .

Balconies are accessible from one or more of the rooms in the flat or apartment while a terrace may have independent access.

Check out these ideas for your balcony.

Balcony or terrace, both are great

Whatever kind of outdoor space you’ve got, we’re here to help you find the formula to getting the most out of it. Whether you’ll be enjoying the sun, fresh air, or having breakfast or dinner with friends, a balcony or terrace always evokes happy memories of relaxing moments at home.

Having any outdoor space at all is a luxury in itself, so it’s worth pampering it! Check out our latest collection for terraces and balconies, with something for every al fresco moment.

Looking for inspiration for your terrace or balcony? Click here to find out more in our blog. And don’t forget that your wooden furniture needs maintenance to keep it looking beautiful, find out more here.

May 3, 2021, 10 a.m.