The bedside table is our faithful companion – the first thing we see when we wake up and the last before we go to sleep. Like all the furniture in our house, it has a function to fulfil, so it’s essential to choose well. Here’s our guide to the perfect bedside table for your bedroom.


Dimensions matter

More important than width or depth, height is the key factor when choosing your bedside table. It should be about as high as your mattress to ensure easy reach while you’re in bed.


2. Be clear about your needs

Do you tend to keep lots of things on your bedside table, or just a few? Do you like to read before going to sleep? Think about your habits to help you decide, for example if the bedside table should have storage space and the number of drawers for your personal items.


3. Show off your style

Scandi, vintage, rustic, industrial, modern... the design of your bedside table should suit the overall style of the bedroom. For example, if you’ve got a natural and rustic look going on, a bedside table in natural wood will fit in perfectly. If you want guaranteed results, opt for a matching headboard, bedside table and even chest of drawers, too. It’s a match!


4. Make it 100% yours

Now that you’ve found the right bedside table, all you need to do is personalise it with items that are all about you. But how? First of all, we recommend adding some light, such as a table lamp (which shouldn’t take up more than 50% of the surface), or if you don’t have much space, choose wall sconces or a ceiling light. The next step is to add some decorative pieces – in other words, that personal touch that’ll make it unique. This could be a photo frame, a book, a plant or even a tray to hold those essentials you want to keep close by, like your phone or jewellery.

Now you’ve got everything you need to set up the perfect bedside table. Want to keep furnishing and decorating your bedroom? Don’t miss blog posts on bedrooms – they’re full of ideas and tips.

July 21, 2021, 10 a.m.