As we all know, hallways deserve special attention. Here are our tips for creating a modern, simple space that works for you.

When it comes to our home, the first impression says it all. If we want to feel invigorated as we walk through the door, it’s important to create a sense of light and spaciousness. That’s why mirrors are a must-have for this area ­– they add powerful energy to a home.


Circular style

We’re big fans of round mirrors, especially ones with a rope for hanging on the wall. A great way to make a space feel more modern.


Make a window

With a rounded shape and grid design in the form of a window, our Nediva mirror is the ideal addition to the entrance to your home. The rounded shape of the upper part creates an optical illusion that expands the space.


Off the hook

Forget about drilling holes in the wall and embrace the stress-free option. A tall mirror leaning against the wall is a huge style plus for your hallway. What’s more, it’s easy to move to new position in your home when you feel like a change.

Another option is a console table – as we know, the formula for a modern hallway is console table + mirror. Above all, choose organic materials as they always create a cosy, natural feel. Put this tall mirror on top of the console and see how elegant it looks.


Mirrors without a frame

If you want to make your hallway feel bigger and brighter, choose mirrors without a frame – they take up no space at all.


Two x two = perfect balance

In smaller hallways, you can hang two little mirrors over the console table for perfect balance. And for the final touch, don’t forget to add warm lighting and rugs – choose ones made from durable or washable materials as this is such a high-traffic area.

March 9, 2021, 2 p.m.