Cesia Fußhocker aus braunem Büffelleder 70 x 70 cm mit Holzbasis

358 €
Square 70 x 70 cm pouffe with buffalo hide upholstery
Made from a 100% natural material with unique tones and textures, each piece is an exclusive one-off
Wooden base with a black finish to protect the leather from contact with the floor.
This high-quality material should be cared for using suitable products to keep it in perfect condition.
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Natürliche Materialien
Down to the last detail

Hand-made upholstery, an internal wooden structure to provide stability and a baseto avoid contact between the leather and the floor.

We all need a little TLC

Leather becomes more characterful with time, but don’t forget to look after it with the right products to prevent it from drying out or discolouring.

Cesia looks great anywhere

If you’re a fan of top-quality design and materials, the Cesia range has the matching pieces you need to add personality to any room.

Technische Details