Odalin Porzellan Kaffeetasse in gelb und weiß

5 € /Stück

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Piece made from porcelain with a two-tone design in white with yellow accents.
Made from a natural mineral, each piece has unique tones and textures.
Every Odalin piece is suitable for the dishwasher, microwave and oven. You can also use it outside.
This piece is from the Odalin collection, which offers a range of matching tableware items.
Odalin Porzellan Kaffeetasse in gelb und weißOdalin Porzellan Kaffeetasse in blau und weiß
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Natürliche Materialien
We’re all foodies here

We know you love to stay ahead of the trends, just like us. Embrace your inner influencer and show off your cutting-edge creations with Odalin.

As unique as you are

Porcelain is a natural material that makes every piece unique, with one-off tones and textures.

From aperitif to dessert

From intimate coffee chats to a full-on party, the Odalin collection is ready for anything. Complete the set to fill your dinners with style, from aperitif to dessert.

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