Paolina beige rug 160 x 230 cm

272 €

Jute, wool and cotton, the perfect combination for a natural and trendy room. Who said rugs are made for winter? Break the rules with the Paolina rug.

Paolina beige rug 160 x 230 cmPaolina grey rug 160 x 230 cm
Bestelle jetzt und erhalte es zwischen dem 04/08 und dem 06/08
100% natural and authentic

The Paolina rug is made with natural materials and hand-woven using traditional techniques, which makes every piece exclusive and unique.

From summer to winter

The combination of materials in this rug allows you to enjoy it all year round, whether it is warm or cold outside.

Made for your comfort

It is more than just a thermal insulator, it is also an acoustic one. You can sit back and relax thanks to the softness of the material.

Technische Details