For the system to detect the sales you generate, the end customer must visit via your affiliate link. Any visual material that you take from the platform (links, banners, QR codes, etc.) will contains your affiliate ID in the URL, which allows us to detect all the users who come to via you and the purchases they make. If you have recommended Kave Home to a customer, all you need to do is provide them with your affiliate link so that they can make purchases through it and receive commission.

Creating your affiliate link to a specific product or category is very simple. Just access your profile and go to "Promotion > Advanced tools > Deeplink generator ". There you will find a box. Paste the URL here of the page to which you want to direct the link. Then click "Generate code" to get your affiliate link, which you will need to put on your website or provide to your customers.

Using non-platform material is not permitted. Within the program, you choose from a wide range of visual materials. If you need another type of creative asset and you have created one yourself, please contact us before using it so that we can verify that it meets the brand guidelines.

You can use images from our website as long as you specify that they belong to Kave Home. For this you can add a caption mentioning Kave Home.


Yes, you can unsubscribe any time. Contact us at and we will remove your profile upon request.


It is not necessary for the user to buy the exact product from the link you created in order to receive your commission. Any purchase made by the user through any of your links will be related to your affiliate ID and you will receive the commission. For example, if you create a custom link to a sofa and the user clicks on your link to the sofa but ends up buying four chairs, you will receive commission from the sale of all four chairs.

There's no need. You can register with your DNI number.

Commissions are approved once the withdrawal period available to the customer has ended. This period is 15 days, starting from the delivery date of the order. For example, if the customer places the order on the 1st and receives it on the 15th, the return period will start from the 15th. If the customer has not made a return, the commission would be approved on the 30th.

Yes. To receive payments you must have accumulated a minimum of € 100 in commission. If the accumulated amount is less, it will be accumulated for the next payment until you reach the minimum.

Commission is calculated on the total order excluding VAT and shipping costs. That is why the total on which the commission is calculated does not coincide with the total of the order that the customer has paid.e.

The system will automatically generate an invoice each time a payment is made. You do not need to create any invoices.

When you log in to your affiliate profile, the sales and commissions summary displayed refers to commissions that have already been validated. You will most likely find the sale you are looking for under "Commissions > Pending approval". Once this commission is approved, you will see it at the top of your profile.

As the name suggests, the date shown in the payment history refers to the date of approval of the payment, not the date of the payment. This means that the payment has been approved on that date and will be made within the next few days.

Once a month the outstanding commission payments are approved. When the payment is approved, the finance department will contact you (as long as you have filled in your bank details correctly in the form) and provide you with the corresponding invoice for your approval. Once we have your confirmation, we will proceed to make the payment, which you will receive within 60 days.

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