As a Kave Ambassador, your Instagram account could be one of the best channels to exploit. Wondering where to start? Read on... ;)

When you sign up for the Kave Affiliates programme, you’ll have your own profile as well as your own links and discount codes, which you’ll use to recommend Kave Home to your followers and start earning commission.

How do I use the links on Instagram?

• Include your affiliate link in your bio to introduce yourself as a Kave Ambassador. Si te declaras fan de Kave Home, invita a tus seguidores a visitar tu enlace. Remember that you can find your affiliate link in our profile , , on the right hand side of the main page ‘General Statistics’.

• Add links in your stories . Now that Instagram allows all profiles to use a special link sticker, without needing a minimum number of followers, you can share your generic affiliate link (mentioned in the previous point) and you can also create affiliate links to any product you choose. These are known as ‘deep links’, which you can find out more about how to create by clicking here. Click here

• Save your stories in your featured folders . As you know, stories are visible for 24 hours. If your story contains a permanent link (for example, the Kave Home home page), you can keep it in your ‘featured file’ to give your followers easy access whenever they want. Give your folder an attractive name like ‘Collaborations’, ‘My favourites’, or ‘Kave Ambassador’ to make them attractive to your followers.

How do I use my discount codes on Instagram?

If you have your own discount code as a Kave Ambassador, you can share it in your bio so that it is always accessible. Use it in your posts and stories regularly and create a ‘featured’ story using the name ‘Kave Home Discounts’ to attract attention to it.

Don't have your discount code for your followers yet? Log in to your affiliate profile and request it in the section ‘Marketing Materials > Promotional codes’.

What type of content can I create to recommend Kave Home?

•Special campaigns . As a Kave Ambassador you will be sent exclusive information about all kinds of campaigns and news: promotions, new collections, Black Friday, etc. so that you can prepare your content and keep your followers well informed.

•Objective: generate engagement . Interact with your followers to find out what interests them the most; get them to rate a product, ask them about a particular style of décor, etc. By doing this, not only will you create a bond with them, but you will discover what kind of content they are interested in and how you can optimise your commissions. You can also answer questions from your followers (e.g., where did you buy that living room chair?) by attaching product links and your discount code.

• Improve your outreach with hashtags and tags . Tag @kavehome to help those who follower the brand to find you: if you’re tagged in photos, it will be easier to attract new customers and followers. Be sure to use brand hashtags to keep your content well identified: #kavehome #deco #deco #design

Follow these tips to become a top Kave Ambassador!

Jan. 5, 2022, 8:27 a.m.