• Judit Navarro

    Wood and metal, pure and tough

    They are still the couple of the year. This is because wood and metal always work. At Kave Home, we know this. Two materials that we already love separately, but when they are together… Sparks fly! See for yourself and learn more about the true designer pieces that emerge from this fusion. Are you ready […]

  • admin-i2tic

    Shorter days? Lights and action!

    With less hours of sunshine, your house begs for light. From table, to ceiling or wall, the time is now for lamps to be the stars of your home. We present you with some trendy options for its different corners and rooms. Get ready to shine!

  • Laura Ayala

    Through the glass: Designer vases

    As a furniture victim, you will already know that vases have stopped being the recipient of weekend bouquets and have become true works of art. Pieces that fill corners with personality and joy. Our designs have become fashionable and they now also follow the trend of geometric shapes and unique designs. Do you want to […]

  • Paula Gelabert

    Tricks for creating space. Take note.

    We all have small spaces that we want to look bigger. Take the opportunity to make them bigger with mirrors that provide light and life to our rooms. Different natural materials, which are fresh, lightweight and practical, along with different geometrical shapes, convey to us that summer is not yet over.  And we love them!

  • Judit Navarro

    For well furniture, choose well wood

    We love learning about the materials in our furniture and we want you to know them too. Did you know that every time you buy a piece of Kave Home furniture made from solid wood, you are taking an exclusive piece home? If the idea already calls you, wait until you read the proposals that […]

  • Paula Gelabert

    Back to series, Netflix and a blanket

    Goodbye summer! The days of staying home, enjoying the sofa and reuniting with Netflix have arrived. Alone or in good company, will be a good plan. Home, sweet home. And as they say, the best thing about returning to your routine is returning home. Welcome! How about taking advantage of your return by changing its […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Small hallway, what’s the problem

    If you know how to plan, you can create and decorate your ideal hallway. Surely, you’ll ask, how do I start looking for furniture if I don’t have a lot of space? Keep calm, we will give you some small pieces of advice here. Take note!

  • Judit Navarro

    What do you prefer? Classic cement or elegant porcelain?

    Why not choose both! Cement and porcelain are two materials in full trend. On the one hand, industrial décor with cement and concrete is becoming increasingly more present in interiors. A resistant and long-lasting material that will undoubtedly be at your side for a lifetime. On the other, porcelain is a unique material. Its delicacy, […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Pink Flow: More than just a trend

    The combination of the typical colour of flowers and the texture of moss has been the inspiration behind the creation of these pieces. Let yourself be seduced by the details hidden inside these designer pieces of furniture.

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