• Laura Ayala

    Jungle home: Plants in every room

    Throw open the doors of your home to green. But today we are not talking about green furniture or walls, but rather about plants and the effects they can have on the different rooms in our home and, more importantly, on ourselves. Why wait for the weekend to go hiking in the mountains? For those […]

  • Judit Navarro

    Would you like to set trends? We will tell you what’s coming

    Trends come and go. Don’t get taken by surprise, take the first step! Go ahead and be the first to own the very latest in design and decoration. Is this hard for you to believe? Read on and you will see. But shhh …, this is top secret, and we want only you to know […]

  • Paula Gelabert

    Your wishlist, a special home

    We all dream of having a stylish home, so we’re going to run through all those ‘must have’ items so you don’t miss out on any of our most desired pieces.

  • Laura Ayala

    How to combine colours in your home

    Who are we kidding? Everyone loves bright colours, right? They give us energy and joy, everything we need to survive the daily grind. The problem is that we often lack the courage to make the leap into the world of colour. Never fear. Kave Home is here with ideas to suit all tastes.

  • Judit Navarro

    SOS! Auxiliary furniture is your saviour

    You know there’s more life in your living room beyond the dining area. Side tables and coffee tables are essential for those moments for reading on the couch or for a Netflix marathon. Despite just being side tables, they can be designer pieces in their own right for your indoor spaces. Shall we prove it […]

  • Judit Navarro

    Stay at home. A spa in your bathroom

    It doesn’t matter what size your bathroom is, with these pieces you can have a spa at home. Whether it’s a hot bath or a cold shower, these ideas will make sure you feel relaxed. Keep calm and keep on reading.

  • Laura Ayala

    Did you say summer party? Count me in!

    It is officially summer. Maybe you are one of those people who have already finished their holidays or maybe you are one of those who still need a few weeks off. Those who have a thousand plans with friends or those who prefer dinner with their usual friends. But nobody can resist a garden party. […]

  • Judit Navarro

    Swift on design. Design through light.

    Yes, we go above and beyond. Light is important, and for more than just illuminating. It’s the key to defining our lifestyle. You choose. Do you prefer intimate light or lights that make it seem like the day never ends? Keep reading. We’ve got what you’re looking for.

  • Laura Ayala

    @inlau’s indoor terrace

    Can you imagine a space in the middle of the city where you can connect with nature? Architect Laura Montero (Inlau ArchDesign) and her colleague Àfrica Sabé have made it a reality.

  • Judit Navarro

    Forget about clouds. Choose the right mattress.

    They say that a day without smiling is a day wasted. Maybe you already know, but your smile also depends a great deal on how well you have slept. And to make sure you get enough rest to make it a happy day, you need a good mattress. Go on, smile, we’ll help you choose […]

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