• admin-i2tic

    Narnia: the sofa that unites practicality and style

    Your sofa is one of the things in your home that you must choose with the utmost care. Clearly the sofa is the most important item in your living room. This means that it is essential to choose the one that best suits your needs. When the day arrives on which you must buy a […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Change the planet with these pieces. Think greenly!

    Now is the time, and it is in our hands to make small or large changes to our lives. The planet is crying out for our help. Today we want to share some of our decor products, with which you can do your part to help the planet; of course, always with a lot of […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Are you extendible? I like you!

    A centre point for chats, meals with friends, long after-dinner conversations… and everything that happens around a table. If you’re a “the more the merrier!» kind of person, you’re sure to love our extendible tables. Get ready! You may find this information useful.

  • Laura Ayala

    Go for a sure thing; go for neutral tones

    Changes of season are always a good time to renew and change your home. And in summer, which is a time of change and development, we are even keener to move around the furniture and decorate. Always with the same aim: to create a summery feel that fills the house with light and joy. Fresh […]

  • editorialstaff

    Take it easy furniture for your holiday home

    From the beach to the mountains, by way of cosy country cottages, we are taking you on a tour of some of the furniture and accessories that suit these properties down to a tee. Take note and get your holiday home ready to enjoy all its potential with this selection of furniture and decor.

  • Laura Ayala

    Whims for your outdoor spaces. Will you be able to resist?

    We are going to create the ideal terrace. Somewhere you can relax and enjoy good company. Do you have an outdoor space? It doesn’t matter how big it is, because we’ll make the most of it to make it the envy of your neighbours. Call them essential or necessary whims, but they are what will […]

  • Laura Ayala

    How to get the best out of the sales

    It’s official, the good weather has arrived, and it looks like it’s here to stay. But we never have enough. With the arrival of summer, those deliciously long afternoon naps, and afternoons on the beach, we know that your time is precious. That is why we want to make life easy for you with a […]

  • admin-i2tic

    Mission relax: The perfect bedroom

    The place to rest: Your bedroom. A space that should be decorated with the utmost care and attention to detail so that you feel like you’re on holiday every time you enter. How to create the perfect bedroom? By simply finding good furniture and putting it in the right place. That’s it!

  • Laura Ayala

    Hi Vigo! Now closer to you

    We’ve done it again, and there’s no stopping us… We are really enjoying being closer to you, getting to know you and opening up the doors to our home, which is now your home as well.

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