• admin-i2tic

    Want summer relax? A cool fabric is so much better!

    In summer, temperatures can soar; so the last thing we need is to ‘fry’ as we lounge on the sofa. As well as being respectful of the environment, cotton and linen are the perfect fabrics to upholster sofas and beds, creating a sensation of coolness when in contact with your skin. Discover the very latest […]

  • Laura Ayala

    An indestructible table that will change your life

    The indestructibles are here, a selection of tables for your dining room. But this is not just any selection; all the tables selected share a common feature: a porcelain table top. The table is designed to make your life easier. You can chop food without fear of scratching the surface. You can even stand hot […]

  • Paula Gelabert

    Hello summer! We were waiting for you

    Sunny days, walks on the beach and summer parties is what we all want. Sounds good, right? The best time of the year when you can really unwind is here. Let’s welcome it in! Hi summer! Oh, and to top it off, don’t forget to put on Kave Home’s Spotify playlist during your pool party, […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Mix and match: Details that make a difference

    Small changes are the key to constantly renovating your home’s decor. You can use accessories to transform a space in the blink of an eye, and that’s why we like them so much. Adding some designer pictures or colourful cushions can change the look and give your home the summer vibe it deserves. 

  • Judit Navarro

    Design your sofa with Compo

    Some times you fancy a film and some popcorn, other times you want to stretch out and read about the latest trends … Your living room is the ultimate place you go to unwind and disconnect, so it has to be ready for any eventuality. The first thing it needs is a good sofa. The […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Sustainable outdoors: A perfect choice for your outdoor materials

    Summer is coming and we want to have our terrace more than ready, but have you stopped to think what is the best material to furnish it? We want to create a natural space, where we can relax and unwind, but often we overlook the material from which the furniture is made. To connect with […]

  • editorialstaff

    Don’t you dare to do geometric decorating? It’s time to do it!

    Rhombus hanging from the ceiling, cushions stuffed with rectangle pattern or round shelves … Geometric elements are a constantly growing trend. Surely you have noticed them many times in restaurants, hotels or shops. Now fashion has also invaded home decoration. Find out what role these elements play in the decoration.

  • editorialstaff

    How to decorate a small terrace

    Enjoying a bit of peace outdoors is within our reach, even from our own home. Sometimes we overlook spaces in our homes because we are used to seeing them in a certain way. We just need to take a little care to transform them into something better. I’m talking about those small terraces that many […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Trends for getting your bathroom up to scratch

    Almost everyone dreams of having a designer bathroom. The bathroom is now that room that we use every day and where we could spend hours in. A space for relaxation and beauty. Time for you and just for you. Kave Home has arrived will all the décor trends for this space. Because your bathroom deserves to […]

  • editorialstaff

    Kave Days’ 10 Bargains

    If you follow my blog you will already know that I love finding decoration bargains. I am always on the lookout for well-designed furniture at very good prices. And because of this I couldn’t miss out on Kave Days furniture. I am going to take advantage to change my dining room chairs, I will share […]

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