Written by: Sara Martínez de Home archiLAB

5 ideas for choosing the perfect mattress

Choosing the right mattress is not so simple. We all sleep in a different way and we all want our mattress to adapt perfectly to our body. But, no worries. We can affirm that there is a mattress for each type of person! That is why, in this article, we share with you the keys for choosing it. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior A good night´s rest is essential to carry out your daily activities. We often don´t get the rest we need because our sleep can get disturbed by several problems. But, a lot of times our sleep lacks quality because we are not sleeping on the right mattress, which makes us feel exhausted throughout the day. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-2


Position If you sleep on your back, you need support for your neck and at the base of your spine. A mattress with high firmness can provide you this. If you sleep on your side, you need support to keep your spine straight. Therefore, a mattress of medium firmness will be better because it can adjust to the curves of the hips and shoulders. When you sleep on your stomach, you will need more support in the neck and the base of the spine. A mattress with a lower level of firmness may work well in this case. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-3 Movement If you move a lot while sleeping, you will need a mattress that allows you to turn easily. It must be a firm one, so you won´t sink in too much.


mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-4 Circulatory problems Those who suffer from circulatory problems, have to look for a more flexible mattress that adapts well to the shape of their body, such as the Kave Home Eva latex mattress. In these cases, an adjustable bed base is advised so that the legs part can be elevated if needed. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-5 Dust allergy or asthmatic If you are allergic to dust or asthmatic, you should pick a mattress that has had an antibacterial treatment. Nowadays, a lot of viscoelastic mattresses are treated to prevent you from developing your allergy, but a mattress made of latex or foam with a washable cover is more appropriate. In Kave Home, the prior fabric of all the mattresses has had this type of treatment. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-6 Hot or cold For the people who tend to get hot, the ideal solution is a mattress with springs since they have the best ventilation system. There are basically three types of springs: continuous wire (firm), pocket springs or biconical (medium firmness). Of all of them, we like to emphasize the pocket springs, like those of the Juno mattress, since they allow movement and adapt to the silhouette better. The reason for this, is that the springs are packed independently. In this case, a viscoelastic mattress is not the best idea because they are very sensitive to body temperature and tend to keep in heat. So, if you are mostly feeling cold, I would recommend the Yoko mattress or the Nia mattress. Weight and height The mattress should be at least 10 cm longer than your height. Also, your mattress should be firm enough to prevent you from sinking. So if you weigh more, you need a mattress with more firmness. On the other hand, lighter people will need a more flexible mattress that adapts to their body and distributes the weight well. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-7


This point also depends on your needs. For example, if you are looking for a firm and aesthetic solution, an upholstered bed base will be the best option. But if you are looking for some storage space, the storage bed bases will meet your wishes. The bed bases are more flexible, and they can also be found in an adjustable version for those with special needs. In this case, the mattress should be flexible, latex type or pocket springs, in order to adjust with the bed. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-8


If you have them, it is better to lose your prejudices when it comes to the materials of your mattress. Whether you choose latex, viscoelastic material, high-strength foam or springs, every material is suitable for a specific type of person and therefore one is not better than the other. Analyse yourself and, based on the criteria discussed above, you will find the most suitable one for you. mattresses-sleep-mattress-rest-decoration-interior-9


The best thing is to try it before you decide whether a mattress is perfect for you! It is best to try it at least one month to be able to experience if your sleep improves and you don´t encounter any pains or uncomfortableness. In the case of Kave Home, they offer 100 days of trial on any of their mattresses and you can return it for free if it is not the one for you. Because there is no better way of finding your perfect mattress than testing it. Original text: Sara Martínez from Home archiLAB Translation and interpretation: Kiki van Lohuizen