We could safely say that the living room is the place where we spend the most time. Adding some colour can make it feel cosier, for sure, but too much can look a little busy. These seven ideas for living rooms with different-coloured sofas and armchairs will give you the inspiration you need to curate your space.

A natural Seventies look

Muted colours help to set a relaxing mood. In this living room, the grey of the Safira sofa matches the Leandra armchair’s rattan colour. And the touch of colour? This comes courtesy of the plants, which help complete the natural look.

Always bet on black

The Compo sofa in grey is the key item in this living room. The exposed black frame is the unifier between the sofa and the Calixta armchair in black. Without a doubt, it’s a safe bet if you’re looking for a minimalist and industrial style.

A touch of vintage colour

The eucalyptus wood with walnut veneer of our Nina chair breaks up the muted beige of the Blok sofa perfectly. A unique and unusual combination that achieves an authentic vintage look thanks to the chairs' design.

Two tones, one style

If you’ve got enough space for two sofas in your living room, the best way to nail the look is to choose two similar styles, like our mid-century-inspired Tanya and Narnia sofas. This also creates an interesting interplay between the two shades of light brown and dark grey. The colourful accents are provided by the cushions, which give the room a fresh and vibrant feel.

For character, brown leather

The star of this living room is the versatile Compo sofa, joined here by the Fly armchair in brown leather with mustard fabric detailing. A bold choice for an eclectic and characterful result.

A blue sofa for the living room

A blue sofa, really? Why not? You’ll make a statement and enjoy a living room that’s full of life. If you think you might struggle to match a sofa in this colour, like Narnia, with your other furniture, think again! A couple of Calixta armchairs in brown leather are the perfect allies for this original space.

Take a risk... and win

We love a living room with a colourful sofa, like this one featuring the Debra sofa in pink velvet matched with an armchair in blue. The result? A colourful, original living room just waiting to be enjoyed. Follow your instincts and create your own bold colour combos.

June 14, 2021, 7 a.m.