• admin-i2tic

    Our #KaveWomensDay Manifesto by Alejandra Remón

    Here at Kave Home, we want to congratulate you, congratulate ourselves and congratulate her. Because, as she would say, “Take a look at yourself. We’re all there.” We are caring, capricious, happy, stubborn, dreamers, crazy… but, above all else, we’re women. So, in the words of Alejandra Remón (@alejandraremon), we want to say:

  • Judit Navarro

    SS19/ Passion, Design, Smart.

    We’ve done it. We’ve launched our first campaign in Barcelona. And we wanted to go large. We want to get to know you and for you to get to know us. What better way to do it than with our Black Collection? Here at Kave Home, we wanted to shout about who we are, what […]

  • Marina Privat

    In Gigi Vives’s office

    Gigi Vives, with Danish roots, is one of the top influencers in the country. Her relationship with fashion is not just a passion, it’s her true calling. Apart from her critical and analytical vision, she is also an avid follower of trends. That said, she always adds her own unique personal touch and you can […]

  • Judit Navarro

    The Blok sofa, a top piece for your lounge

    The lounge is the best place to triumph. Imagining, tweeting, reading, watching a good film, all of this requires one essential piece: the sofa. Òscar Doll, one of the designers at Kave Home, presents us with one of his creations, the Blok sofa.

  • Judit Navarro

    Be the cushion of my bed

    The designers on the Kave Home team have branched out into the world of cushions. They have created unique pieces with most cutting-edge patterns. Do you want to know what they’ve come up with? Who were their muses? In this post we’ll show you some of their designs and where they drew their inspiration from.

  • Judit Navarro

    Hot or cold, sleep like a log

    The seasons have always been a good excuse to make up sayings and for changing up our wardrobes. Here at Kave Home, we have a saying: hot or cold, sleep like a log. The fact of the matter is, all year round we have to adapt to the post-holiday season, going back to our daily […]

  • Marina Privat

    Sweet dreams, Marc

    Now that you’ve seen the living and dining rooms, you must be wondering what Marc Forné’s bedroom is like! We sneaked in and now we’re going to share the most intimate part of the home of one of the top fashion influencers.

  • Judit Navarro

    Alone or with company? #KaveValentine

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get swept away by our love of cinema. Will you be alone or with company? It’s up to you! If your Tinder is smoking. Match! And if not, Netflix and a good sushi platter are always good companions for a perfect night in.

  • Marina Privat

    Hello Barcelona! Nice to finally meet you.

    We know the feeling, we are nervous. Like a first date, the first day of work or when you hand in that project that you´ve put all your effort in. You want everything to be perfect, right? Take note: Avinguda Diagonal, 488. We are waiting for you.

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