Written by: Anna Jaén

Bedroom ideas, tips to decorate your relax zone

Comfort, feeling at peace and, if possible, have a room that fits your personality. Scape the ordinary and standard decoration, with these interior design tricks your bedroom will never be the same. Let’s get started!   bedroom decoration cushions headboard

What is the best colour to paint your bedroom?

Neutral colours are a safe bet, our secret is to forget about lively colours as they will make you feel more nervous. This easy tip will brighten up the room, that’s why a white bedroom is a classic that will never go out of style. Or, if in the contrary, you want to create your room feel like a cosy cave, dark tones are for you. Have you ever thought about using wallpaper for your bedroom? It’s perfect to add dimension and originality impossible to obtain only with paint. A good example is our Gea wallpaper.   bedroom design headboard

Choosing bedroom furniture is easier than it seems

Your bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom and where you’ll be spending most of the time. We recommend looking for a comfortable and functional bed, with a unique design that makes it a statement piece. The headboard and the wall behind it usually are the first impression, make it worth it! The bedside tables are no longer boring, now you can find designer ones, like Nalu, or we suggest having different tables on each side of the bed. A secret? You can get a side table and use it in your bedroom, originality is power!   bedroom lighting plants

Lamps and plants, the key to get a welcoming environment

Your bedroom’s lighting is what will make it the perfect place to go to when you want to relax. You should look for indirect, warm and subtle lighting. During the day, plants will create that effect, they work wonders adding colour and dimension. It doesn’t matter if you have a small bedroom, if you love modern or Nordic style, these tips are great for anyone!   bedroom neutral colours

Curtains, wall decor and the latest trends

Inspire, expire. Now that you have all your bedroom’s essentials, step by step, you can add some decor pieces. For example, some curtains of a solid colour, hanging from the ceiling to the floor will make it look more spacious. Or paintings and framed pictures for bedrooms to showcase your personality. One of the latest trends is to make your interior design blend perfectly with your personality, so feel free and make your bedroom unique. Let it flow!