We're heading inside an emblematic and must-visit Barcelona restaurant, Ca la Nuri. With its 60th anniversary as an excuse, they've renovated their image and interior, maintaining the essence of their origins but with a younger spirit than ever. Shall we discover more about the project?

A unique, privileged location

Ca la Nuri is found at the very edge of the Mediterranean in Barceloneta, and is the most iconic restaurant from the Familia Nuri group, a family of restaurateurs that have operated in the sector since 1962. A classic where you dine with the sand almost around your feet.

It has a spacious interior lounge, walled by glass. On the level of materials and sensations, the blue of the sea is reflected in the mirrors, the glass, and the black floor of the lounge, lending an aspect of coldness to the restaurant. To balance and contrast with this feeling, they used the warmth of natural wood to decorate throughout.


We spoke with Raquel, the Interior Designer behind the project.

Raquel, the interior designer of the project, chose pieces from Kave Home with the aim of creating distinct spaces in the same space, that will provide the client with a sense of intimacy, warmth, and quality to make their experience one that can't be improved.

Everything is complemented by a selection of plants that lend a Mediterranean air and freshness to the space.

"At Ca la Nuri we take great care with our product - its quality and presentation - and we wanted that to be reflected in the lounge and space." explains Raquel, Interior Designer of the project


A Mediterranean atmosphere, warm and cosy

"We loved the idea of incorporating round tables, that would allow our clients to enjoy their surroundings much more, while creating a friendlier, family-oriented aura."

The Jeanette table, made from wood to continue adding warmth to the space, was a choice piece.


To go with the round tables, they've chosen Nina chairs, a perfect match. Made from solid wood with armrests that form part of their design, it's a sturdy chair that adds warmth and a feeling of quality that perfectly complements the style of the restaurant.

"We needed furniture that allowed us organise and divide the spaces, while at the same time giving the staff an extra point of service and storage. Normally these pieces have a back that isn't designed to be on show, which is what we're used to. In this case, the Lenon sideboard could be placed in the middle of the lounge. It's beautiful finish can be admired from any angle.


The Thinh shelving unit helps divide the space, separating the largest round table, and giving a sense of being in your own living room when you come to dine with family and friends. It also serves at a supporting element for service material like plates and glasses, and allows the inclusion of decorative elements that add to the concept.

For the rest of the square table they sought out a comfortable, resistant, and light chair that would be attractive and high quality, that would also help in busy hours of service when tables have to be combined. Their choice? Surpik, the dimensions of which make it an elegant and comfortable chair. It is designed without arms, so that when tables are put together for those larger parties at lunch and dinner guests can sit comfortably in larger numbers.

"The choice of colours, black and beige, gave the space greater dynamism, and combined perfectly with the elements that we wanted to maintain in the room. The beige colour, being the colour of the sand, reinforced the natural and Mediterranean elements. The black brought a comtemporary, modern, and elegant touch to the space." Raquel,Interior Designer of the project.

Discover all the pieces of the project here.

Interior Designer; Raquel González, Interior Designer from Familia Nuri

Restaurant @calanuri from the @familianuri group

Photography: Santa Helena Agency: https://www.santahelena.agency

Oct. 3, 2022, 12:55 p.m.