Christmas decorations mean lighting up every corner. Whether you choose to wrap your house in fairy lights or just add a touch to the tree will depend on your style and sense of Christmas spirit, but there really is nothing like lights to enhance your festive decorations so we’d recommend at least one set.

Looking for inspiration? Here are 5 ideas to spark your creativity.


1.Christmas garlands with lights

Christmas garlands that light up are a classic Christmas decorating staple, and are one of the easiest ways to add style to any room in the home this festive season.

At Kave Home, you'll find garlands in gold, silver or black such as Narel, Stelly and Maille, all with soft lighting and a design to complement every style.


2. Christmas ready-lit wreaths

To welcome Christmas at your front door or as a table centrepiece, a wreath with lights is the perfect way to see out the year and start a new one with style and lashings of light. You’ll love the Nelsa and Mishell wreaths in chic minimalist style in silver.


3. Bright Christmas stars

On top of the Christmas tree or to add a touch of festive chic to any corner of the room, stars are a must. This year we have two collections of stars, both available in silver and gold, in different sizes, Nicoletta and Orazia. With their own lights, they’ll shine festive spirit in any room in your home this festive season. This year, the brightest star is yours.


4. Árboles de Navidad luminosos

Como las estrellas navideñas, los árboles son un clásico que nunca falla. Los tenemos disponibles en versión luminosa para que decores cada rincón de tu casa. Desde el set Marleen de 3 conos de árbol, a la colección Phytia o Shirly disponibles en diferentes medidas, todas diseñadas en dorado y plateado para adaptarse a tu estilo.

4. Ready-lit Christmas trees

Like Christmas stars, trees are a seasonal must. Ours are available in ready-lit versions for you to decorate every corner of your home. From the Marleen set of 3 tree cones, to the Pytia or Shirly collection available in different sizes, all designed in gold and silver to match your style.


5. Christmas candles and candle holders

Few things compare to the magical effect that candles create. They are perfect for adding a warm, cosy glow to your Christmas lighting. Available in gold, such as the Adabella set and the Babirye collection, in blue-grey, with the Florentine and Rylee candle holders, or in scented candle format to envelop you in Christmas spirit even with your eyes closed, you can choose between Winter Mood and Sweet Snow.

Our little secret! If you need help finding Christmas gifts, the candle and Christmas scent sets are a win.

Looking for more ideas and tips for a perfect Christmas? Check out our Christmas tips here.

Nov. 18, 2021, 9:16 a.m.